Saturday 18.06.2011_ 

June 18th to August 14th: Tonight opens the exhibition Focus Young Art in the beautiful Lindenau-Museum (Altenburg, Germany) were I present my new work folds, a variation of black mirror and chiral as well as a screening. Here is a first preview of folds.

Monday 23.05.2011_ 

Talk at Film and Television University (HFF Konrad Wolf) in Potsdam (Germany) for the Animation Class of Prof. Christina Schindler.

Wednesday 11.05.2011_ 

The exhibition ABSTRACT confusion opens its first iteration on Saturday, May 15th, 11am and runs until August 14th, 2011. The b-05 art and design center is located in Montabaur, Germany near Cologne. The show features works by 20 artists like Thomas Scheibitz, Frank Nitsche, Martin Kobe, Torben Giehler, Tanja Rochelmeyer and video works by myself... An extensive catalogue will be available at the opening.

Wednesday 04.05.2011_ 

My show at Young Projects in Los Angeles got reviewed in the LA Times by art critic Leah Ollman. I'll post some pictures and videos soon...

Sunday 03.04.2011_ 

Opening of the German Media Art Exhibition at Seoul Square Media Canvas run by Gana Art Center will be in Goethe Institute Seoul on April 5th. Feel free to come! On the 6th I'll do a workshop as well ... Details in Korean and German. Pictures and Video of the new work called scrape come soon...

Sunday 03.04.2011_ 

Chiral made it to the Cover of Weave Magazine 2/2011... it even exists in 4 different cover versions!

Thursday 17.03.2011_ 

Today I'll be giving a talk at California Institute of the Arts in the CalArts Computer Animation Lab headed by performance animation pioneer Michael Scroggins.

Thursday 03.03.2011_ 

Black Mirror will be my first US solo show at Young Projects, Los Angeles! Opening reception is March 22nd and the show will be running until May 14th, 2011. I’ll present a new installation there and works from the last years including chiral and vellum. Young Projects is run by Paul Young, curator and author of the book Art Cinema published by Taschen.

Thursday 03.03.2011_ 

I’ll present a new work at the exhibition German Media Art from 6th to 30th April, 2011 on the Seoul Square Media Canvas run by Gana Art Center and supported by Goethe Insitute Seoul, SK. The other shown artists are Heike Baranowski, Corinna Schnitt and Jan Verbeek, details soon.

Thursday 03.03.2011_ 

chiral and the screening Dreaming with Open Eyes will be part of ROJO NOVA in Rio, Brazil. The show runs from March 21st to April 30th, 2011 and sadly I won't be there this time...

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