Wednesday 30.12.2009_ 

Art Center Nabi published a calendar featuring pictures by Minha Yang, Takagi Msaskatsu and myself. Enjoy 2010!

Thursday 24.12.2009_ 

As a little Christmas gift I make _grau publically available for the first time in HD on Vimeo! It's 5 years after it's finishing as my Bauhaus diploma... the HD version has only be shown at museums and galleries before, so please enjoy... have great winter holidays and a wonderful 2010!

Friday 13.11.2009_ 

_grau is featured in the german book Generative Gestaltung about generative art and design compiled by Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Groß, Julia Laub & Claudius Lazzeroni and published by Schmidt Hermann Verlag. Beautiful artist portfolios are followed by the description of the process on almost 500 pages.

Sunday 08.11.2009_ 

_grau is screened today in the Brainfeeder sessions at Institute for Cinema Studies, Los Angeles, USA.

Sunday 01.11.2009_ 

I curated the screening Dreaming with Open Eyes presented in South Korea at COMO (SKT-Tower, Seoul) and Open Theatre (Tomorrow City Echo Plaza, Incheon) organized by art center nabi, SK Telecom and Goethe-Institute Seoul. // Artists: Julian Rosefeldt, Yves Netzhammer, Carsten Nicolai, Bjørn Melhus, Zeitguised, Philipp Hirsch, David OReilly, Max Hattler, Volker Schreiner, Daniel Burkhardt, Christiane Wöhler, Julia Oschatz, Thorsten Fleisch, Astrid Rieger, Niklas Goldbach, Barbara Hlali, Timo Katz, Robert Seidel and Jan Verbeek. // The programme “Dreaming with Open Eyes” shows 19 different positions of artists mostly working in Germany. Their short films are little poems with a dream-like quality that is freed from our everyday life. They are arranged like the stages of an ambivalent dream: oscillating between an infantile playfulness, the strength of a heterotopic, repetitive architecture,  dreamscapes embedded in a romanticized nature or nightmarish states showing the collapse of humanity and science. And each of these very unique moments holds the promise to be watched again, while a dream is lost in its pure linearity after we wake up...

Tuesday 27.10.2009_ 

I'm included in current issue of IdN v16n4 magazine's special feature "Let there be light!" about artists working with light as an material. The comprehensive feature includes artists like UVA, Jennifer Steinkamp, Patrick Rochon and Stefan Mylleager. It's a 3 page interview as well as a dvd feature, overall a great issue!

Monday 26.10.2009_ 

Futures is screened on 3rd Nov in Lichtspiel: Contemporary Abstract Animation and Visual Music at Calarts Theatre and was mentioned by musician Mathias Kaden as one his favorite videos of all time in the Clip Special of Intro Magazine.

Monday 21.09.2009_ 

dream mountains and is now included on the IdN 15th Anniversary Edition, a massive 452-page hardcover + DVD. Many Previews and a personalized Press Release can be found here.

Wednesday 16.09.2009_ 

Germany votes on 27th September and some parties want to save us from democracy with an extended censorship of digital communication... Vote to get saved from yourself!

Thursday 06.08.2009_ 

During my stay in Amsterdam I found out that _grau is featured in the essay "New Eyes For The Mind" published in the book "The Cinematic Experience" edited by Arie Altena‭ & ‬Boris Debackere and published by Sonic Acts Press. The author Randy Jones makes it available as a PDF just excluding the illustrations.

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