Wednesday 05.08.2009_ 

I'll be performing with Rechenzentrum 2.0 at International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA, Dublin, Ireland) on 29th August, at Weltecho (Chemnitz, Germany) with no accident in paradise on 5th September and present a short film night at Strand22 (Jena, Germany) on 21th August with inannia.

Sunday 05.07.2009_ 

The film programme Young Bauhaus Today curated for the 90th birthday of the Bauhaus is shown on german speaking TV station 3SAT on 5th of July, 2:10am and features _grau, which was my diploma at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Monday 29.06.2009_ 

_grau got nominated for best experimental film at the unicato awards of german TV station MDR!

Friday 24.04.2009_ 

Video Visions is a TV screening of 5 films by me. It is curated by Katrin Werner from Edith Russ Site For Media Art (Oldenburg, Germany).

Tuesday 21.04.2009_ 

Art Center Nabi / Seoul just finished the solo exhibition documentation with all shown works and the premiere of vellum...

Monday 20.04.2009_ 

I’m back to Tokyo with Max Hattler to present “Germany dreaming” (29th april 19:30, 4th may 17:00) curated for Image Forum Festival 2009. The programme features video art and experimental films by artist born or living in Germany including: Julian Rosefeldt, Bjørn Melhus, zeitguised, Julia Oschatz, Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet, David OReilly, Volker Schreiner, Christiane Wöhler, Thorsten Fleisch, Astrid Rieger, Daniel Burkhardt, Florian Gwinner, Barbara Hlali, Jörn Staeger, Tim Bollinger, Max Hattler and me, including many Japanese film premieres. The project was kindly supported by Goethe Institute Tokyo.

Friday 17.04.2009_ 

Futures is part of the KunstFilmBiennale tour program shown May 15th in Centre Pompidou, Paris curated by Heinz Peter Schwerfel and amongst other things presenting works of Doug Aitken, Bjørn Melhus, Sam Taylor Wood, Keren Cytter and Deimantas Narkevicius.

Tuesday 14.04.2009_ 

_grau was released on the on-going DVD series Geschichte des deutschen Animationsfilms / History of German Animation on Disc #5 Zeitgenossen / Contemporary curated by Ulrich Wegenast, artistic director of ITFS featuring Oscar-winning films like Balance or Quest. The other discs are highly recommended as well, showing a diverse range of experimental, political and commercial work beginning in the 1920s.
... dream mountains appears in IdN v16n1: The Craft Issue ...

Thursday 19.03.2009_ 

Detailed infos about vellum | slices of a virtual sculpture shown at COMO / Art Center Nabi (Seoul, South Korea) are online...

Tuesday 17.02.2009_ 

Rechenzentrum 2.0 and I will open the Re-* festival at Akademie der Künste Berlin on 26th Feb. While the festival artists as well as theorists will discuss their ideas about recyling, sampling and jamming.

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