Sunday 27.04.2008_ 

Last days have been quite busy, Max Hattler and I have been doing the closing performance of 20th Filmfest Dresden, flying to Japan for a 5 week tour and already did presentations at Pecha Kucha Night ... I feel quite overwhelmed from Tokyo at the moment, all the light, noises, people and strangely-amazing food...

Tuesday 01.04.2008_ 

I just did an interview for japanese SHIFT magazine ... speaking about my work and the upcoming japan tour ...

Sunday 30.03.2008_ 

Max Hattler and I will be doing a Japan Tour from April, 22 to May, 27. We’ll be showing our films, giving talks at art spaces, film festivals and art colleges as well as doing collaborative visual live performances in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka and Nagoya. If you are near, please come by and if you want to meet or book us, just drop a line. We are really excited!

Saturday 29.03.2008_ 

Toci and I present another Stash night, this time in Zwickau at the "Alte Gasometer" on the 29th of March at 21 o'clock... 

Wednesday 12.03.2008_ 

On the 12th of March I'm going to present my movies in Dresden at the Motorenhalle. Starting at 20 o'clock with free entrance!

Saturday 16.02.2008_ 

Toci aka Inannia and I performed at Angelklub this saturday. Again it was a pleasure to be in Hamburg... I projected some new Tierschmier paintings, hope I compile a movie of this in the next months. Speaking of Hamburg, delicious Sceen Magazine from Hamburg is finally out - after 2 years - great things take time to grow!

Tuesday 12.02.2008_ 

Just finished the documentation of the Phyletic Museum project Processes: Living Paintings that was visited by around 20.000 people that night! More documentation videos will follow soon... Big thanks to everyone involved and making this possible - this was a whole different experience to my "usual" filmmaking :)

Tuesday 15.01.2008_ 

I'll be doing a large projection (Processes: Living Paintings) for the 100th anniversary of the Phyletic Museum Jena, founded by Ernst Haeckel. The projection on the 35 x 16 meter walls of the museum should start on 2nd February at 5pm. Projection and Light Supervision is done by Florian Licht and a special soundtrack is composed by Robag Wruhme for the event. Today I got the OK that the scaffolding of the delayed reconstruction will be removed on the façade for the event, leaving a free but spotted building. Not optimal, but the date is set... There is still much work ahead so stay tuned for the documentation or if you are in Thuringia please come by... Preview of one painting: 1 | 2

Saturday 08.12.2007_ 

Directors Notes published a podcast about my work, _grau in particular. Big thanks to MarBelle for the well prepared guidance...

Tuesday 04.12.2007_ 

The 4th shortfilm night, this time at Kassablanca (Jena, Germany) presented the Best of Stash from NYC, surreal croatian animation and some heart-warming music for the cold winter days... Impressions...

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