Tuesday 28.08.2007_ 

Two of my movies and my first generative artefact painting where shown at the Phyletic Museum Jena. They have been very supportive over the years and I studied a year biology in the institute nearby ... Smooth ambient music by Inannia for this convivial night.

Monday 20.08.2007_ 

Finally the Quicktime of appearing disappearance is online, as the soundtrack by Freefarm is finished! The fine details of the movies, eg. the runners leaving colorful trails, are hard to see, even in this huge preview resolution ... so be sure to check out the finished HD-DVD "Advanced Beauty" to enjoy it in full quality and surround sound. The project is scheduled for end 2007, be sure to come back for details.

Sunday 05.08.2007_ 

I was at this years Siggraph in San Diego (USA) as a journalist for Digital Production. I met a lot of nice people there, some I knew for years but haven't met in reality ... I wished I had seen more of the city itself, so now I'm one of the persons visiting a places far away without being able to tell something about it :)

Wednesday 25.07.2007_ 

My new small movie dive painting #1 is shown at Europe's largest LED-Screen (50 x 4 meters!) in Berlin, Germany. Get off at U-Bahn U6, station Kochstrasse and you'll see the video at of the top of the Axel Springer Building. It was commissioned by Sleek Magazine, will be shown until mid september and can be downloaded from this site in a lower resolution.

Wednesday 25.07.2007_ 

Another small project is on it's way. It's called appearing disappearance and was commissioned by Universal Everything as part of the HD-DVD project Advanced Beauty. It will be soundtracked by Freefarm, more details and QuickTime in the next weeks.

Wednesday 25.07.2007_ 

My new website finally went online today. It was outlined  by the design god Toci and coded by TYPO3 god Joern Bock based on my despotical wishes . Thanks a million guys :)

Wednesday 04.07.2007_ 

Max Hattler and I applied for the Exchange Forum grant of DEFA Stiftung and today we got a mail, that our project was taken :) Working title is "Bipolar" and I'll at the award ceremony in Bar 25 on 26th of July in Berlin. We also got mentioned in an article of Sächsische Zeitung on 27th of July.

Thursday 14.06.2007_ 

I attended the 17th International Videofestival Bochum, Germany presenting Futures in regular competition and the music video special.

Friday 08.06.2007_ 

I have a presentation of all my films at Moving Closer Festival in Warsaw, Poland.  Other participants for the 8th of June are Rechenzentrum, Aoki Takamasa, Wojciech Kosma and Lee Forrest Ferguson.

Wednesday 09.05.2007_ 

I curated the short film night "120+ Min." which takes place on the 5th of May at Glashaus Paradies, Jena, Germany. Pictures and organization by Toci, Marc and friends.

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