Saturday 25.08.2012_ 

Sculptor Axel Anklam and I collaborated on an projection installation at Gallery Rothamel (Frankfurt Main, Germany, 1st to 25th September). Opening is 31st August, 19h. A short documentation video of the installation is online now!

Tuesday 17.07.2012_ 

An excerpt of the audio-visual performance erratic (video link) and the VIS festival signation are released. They were developed while participating in the Artist in Residence program at MuseumsQuartier/quartier21, at the invitation of Vienna Independent Shorts. In collaboration with musician Richard Eigner the live performance at Gartenbaukino from 9th June 2012 reconstructs a topographic memory of the city of Vienna.

Tuesday 12.06.2012_ 

folds (documentation only) is part of the group exhibition Kollisionen at marke.6 gallery in Neues Museum (Weimar, Germany, June 15th to September 18th 2012).

Tuesday 22.05.2012_ 

Some of my films will be shown at Tomorrow Festival (May 25/26) on a huge wall (70 x 36 meters) of the former nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf (Austria) and NAIP have released a video from Time Warp Festival 2010.

Sunday 13.05.2012_ 

Wednesday, May 16th, 19h: Faltungen a Talk organised by Franziska Bruckner (Department of Theater, Film and Media Studies, Vienna University). Raum D / quartier 21, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.

Thursday 10.05.2012_ 

A new iteration of the chiral installation with a moving projection screen opening at ASIFAkeil in MuseumsQuartier (Vienna, Austria) today. The exhibition runs from 10th Mai to 10th June, closing right after the wonderful Vienna Independent Shorts festival, where Richard Eigner and I will do the closing performance and the festival signation.

Friday 04.05.2012_ 

I'm proud to announce a new work created for Target's City Lights media façade in Minneapolis (USA) premiering May 4 – May 10, 2012 running exclusively from dusk to dawn. It will also run later as part of the new Artist Series launched by Target, of which I’m the first artist choosen. The work is called vitreous and consists of 9 virtual sculptures and moves within the glass-outlined volume (262 x 77 x 45 feet) made from 700,000 LED lights. Press Release here, more infos on the future shedule and video soon...

Thursday 03.05.2012_ 

This Friday (May 4th, 2012) I'm giving a talk and a meander performance at the amazing donaufestival (Krems, Austria) with my musical guest Richard Eigner.

Wednesday 18.04.2012_ 

The installation documentation of folds is in the shortlist of this years VIMEO Awards (Category: Captured)! If you like it, please feel free to vote...

Monday 16.04.2012_ 

Upcoming screenings: Filmfest Dresden (April 16 to 22, Dresden, Germany), Visible Bits, Audible Bytes (April 25, 7 pm, Phoenix Film and Digital Media, Leicester, UK) and International Festival of Animated Film (May 8 to 13, Stuttgart, Germany)... Performances at Sinwald Festival (April 27 to 29) as well as folds variation

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